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About Us

RD Webhosting started in 1997 as part of RSL-Webhosting and was owned by RSL Training and Consulting.  In those days we hosted our clients websites during development and beyond.  When RSL Training and Consulting closed in 2001, we continued the web hosting business for our clients.

Today we are taking RD Webhosting in a new direction.  We are focusing on the camping industry including the campers, businesses and manufacturers.

We are offering something that no other web hosting provider does at this time, service!  Each of our customers has a personal assistant assigned to them.  The job of the personal assistant is to help you manage your website.  You can read more about this service on the Personal Assistant Web Page.

What makes us different?

There are probably tens of thousands of web hosting companies in the world.  You can start one with very little money and no equipment, just look on eBay for web hosting.  So why would you want to host with us?

Let’s start with we have been around longer than Facebook!  That means we have stability.  Next is what we offer that the others don’t.

  • Free Domain Name Registration (with annual payment)
  • Free installation of any of our 350+ applications (things like WordPress, CRM software, even a Facebook like application)
  • Personal Assistant that will answer your questions, help maintain the website, install any of our 350+ applications free of charge.
  • Free video training on how to maintain your website.
  • Free automated website backups every week.
  • Fair Pricing, our plans start at $49 a year including the domain registration.  Some of our competitors charge more than that just for the domain name!

As you can see we put you first.  I want you to compare.  Check out the big names like GoDaddy, HostGator, SiteBuilder and Bluehost.  I think you will see we have you in mind when we built this business.

Our Contact Info

We get mail at two locations:

Laubert Enterprises
23 Pinewood Circle
Hatfield, PA


Raymond Laubert
2015 South Tuttle Ave
Sarasota, FL 34239

Our office number is (302) 990-2564 (VM enabled)

Support at rd dash webhosting dot com (hopefully you now how to make this work).

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