22 Feb

Why do you need a website? Professional Email Address

There is nothing like receiving an email from a business or other professional using a GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL or Outlook account. It just screams unprofessional, cheap or SPAM. With all the competition out there and the time and money spent building a brand or name for yourself why use a free email service and destroy everything you are trying to do?

Another problem with the ‘free’ email addresses is a lot of mail servers will automatically put them into the SPAM folder. You work to get these email addresses so that you can communicate with your customers, you don’t want to have the message trashed before the customer even gets to read it. I get about 100 emails a day that go automatically into the trash. Although I do take time to skim over them to make sure I don’t miss anything important, it is just a skimming of the trash folder. Your email could easily get lost if you have a free email address.

Professional email addresses are part of just about every website hosting package. Some lower cost plans will limit you to maybe 10 addresses or so, but even that is better than a free address.

Size matters to your customer. They want to deal with a local business but they also want to know that they can get a response to their questions and help when they need it. Using multiple email addresses improves your image. You can have one address for sales, one for service, one for customer support, one for technical help etc. They can all be answered by the same person, but to the customer they look like a much bigger organization, which means instant trust.


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