28 Jan

Why do you need a website? Income

For many people income is the primary reason to have a website and it is an important consideration.  Years ago one of the business courses I took talked about multiple streams of income for families and businesses.  With multiple income streams when one goes down, it is not as drastic an impact with other income available.  Your website can be another source of income or two.  The big source of income naturally is going to be any products you might sell.  Even if you are a service business you probably have some products available that you sell to customers.  To sell products your website has to have the software to handle those transactions.  That software is called ecommerce software.  There are many free packages available that will help you create a store as part of your website.

The second stream of income is from advertising on your website.  By placing ads from other businesses you can create a nice additional income stream.  Don’t think this is for you?  Look at the money Facebook is making without selling any products or services.  All of it is made from advertising.  Granted, you will need to have a lot of traffic, but if you build it they will come.

With a website and online store your customer base just expanded drastically!  You now have over 279 Million potential customers.  This can be a major source of income once you have the community building up and people coming to your website.

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