22 Jan

Why do you need a website? Image

Why do you need a website? Image
Now a days everyone is on the web and if you don’t have a website they won’t find you. Your website is your store, your online business card and your public image. A clean good looking website presents a professional image. A poorly designed, plain text website like a sheet of paper will just as likely be ignored and the customer will move onto someone else. I recently had that very same experience. I was looking for a mail forwarding business in FL. I found a dozen or more. One of the ones that was on the list was a company in Sarasota. I took one look and disregarded it as unprofessional and went on to the other sites. Later I revisited the site because of other requirements that meant starting my search over again. This time, those requirements meant that I HAD to check the company out further. In the end we used this company, but had it not been for a second change they would not have my business. Without a website your business is not even getting a chance at all. Your image just doesn’t exist.
I want to help. At RD-Webhosting.com we do things a little different from GoDaddy, 1in1 and the others. First we have over 350 applications and hundreds of templates that can be used to create your website. Everything from beautiful landing pages to full fledged eCommerce websites. Second, we assign you a Personal Assistant that will help you by installing the website software and doing the basic configuration. Third, we are one of a few web hosting companies that actually allow you to decide what features and how much you need. No taking what they offer, unless you want to. Fourth, every account that pays annually gets their domain name registration free of charge. That is a savings of $15 or more. Next we automatically back up your website every week. This ensures that your site is able to be restored if hackers or something else were to happen. Finally, we have free video training that will help you learn how to get the most out of your website.
Want to see a working website? Go to http://businesssite.rd-webhosting.com/ If this is something that interests you, please email us at sales@rd-webhosting.com or call us at 302-990-2564 and leave a message for a personal assistant to contact you. RD-Webhosting.com is the only web hosting company to assigns you a personal assistant that will help you from start to finish, free of charge. They will register your domain name, install the website and perform the basic configuration information for the site. From there you can use our video training and the web to get the background you need to use your website. The website will collect the customers information so you can contact them via email or newsletter when ever you want. You can even set this up to happen automatically. Contact us today to get started! There are over 279 Million new customers out there waiting to buy your products or services. At $7 a day it will be the best business decision you can make.
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