23 Jan

Why do you need a website? Community

What makes Facebook so big and popular?  Did you know that over 1 BILLION people log onto Facebook every day!  Why?  Part of the reason is they are part of an online community with something in common.  That is the reason so many groups exist.  There is probably a group for any topic you can think of and more than likely more than one.  So how does that help you?  If you have a way for people to learn about a topic and get the information they are looking for they will come to you.  One way to do that is to offer information in the form of articles and postings that you think people can use.  Over time those articles will be indexed by the search engines and people will read them.  As
more articles are written more people will find them and more people will join your website and start building a community.

But how does that help you?  There are several ways this helps your business.  First you can reach these people via other articles and offer your expertise and services.  As people have unique problems in your area of expertise they will ask questions and you can follow up with simple answer and an offer to correct the problem.  Next, they get to trust you more as you answer questions and help others, you become the go to business when they need help. Third you get the chance to gather their contact information which allows you to contact them anytime you want.  Remember it takes 7 contacts before they will become a customer.  So having a community increases your chances of gaining people as customers.

So, how can you build a community on your website?  First you need to have a software package that allows you and your potential customers to interact.  There are many such programs available.  At RD-Webhosting we have many different types from a forum to a Facebook type format.  I like JCow which is in the format of Facebook so there is no learning curve. Forums have been around for decades and they were the first social interaction platform that was available.

Want to see a working website? Go to http://businesssite.rd-webhosting.com/ If this is something that interests you, please email us at sales@rd-webhosting.com or call us at 302-990-2564 and leave a message for a personal assistant to contact you. RD-Webhosting.com is the only web hosting company to assigns you a personal assistant that will help you from start to finish, free of charge. They will register your domain name, install the website and perform the basic configuration information for the site. From there you can use our video training and the web to get the background you need to use your website. The website will collect the customers information so you can contact them via email or newsletter when ever you want. You can even set this up to happen automatically. Contact us today to get started! There are over 279 Million new customers out there waiting to buy your products or services. At a little more than $8 a day it will be the best business decision you can make.

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