13 Jul

Word Press for RVers, Part 3

In the first two articles, I talked about creating a post and a page.  In this article I want to talke about posting pictures.  The actual process is pretty simple, but before I get there I want to talk about some changes to make before you load the pictures.

When you create a digital picture it is a bunch of little dots called pixels that are color coded.  There are millions of pixels and each one is represented by a number.  These numbers are the data that you will be sending to the website so that the computer of your friends and family can understand them and recreate the image that you transferred to the Internet.

When you take a picture with a digital camera or your cell phone each picture is millions of these little pixels and that takes millions of bytes (computer data) to represent.  All this data takes time to transfer to the Internet and from the Internet for your friends and family.  If you or they are on a cell phone plan that means it is very costly as well.  There is another thing that you want to be aware of.  Your Internet browser can’t display all of that data.  It is limited to just 300 dots/pixels per inch.

So what can we do about this.  How can we speed up the process and reduce the cost of viewing pictures?  We start with the good old Paint program that comes with Windows.  Right click on an image and select edit. This will open Paint and the picture.  Now the image may be off the screen but don’t worry, we are going to fix that.  In the upper left hand corner of Paint you will find the word RESIZE.  Click on it.  Now click on the Pixels option.  The numbers will change for Horizontal and Vertical. Click on the largest number and type in 600.  Your picture is now 600 pixels in that direction.  We have changed the size of the image.  This will reduce the amount of data required and also make the image a good size for the Internet.  We have not changed the number of colors or the detail by have simply resized the photo.  By resizing it we save data and improve the transfer process.

Now we need to save the image.  Do NOT simply save the image, it will update the one on your computer and will resize it.  Choose File, Save As, PNG.  Give the image a new name and click save.  I usually use the name and put small or 600 after it.  This lets me know that I have resized the image.

Now we are ready to upload the photo to our website or even Facebook if you want.
Connect to the wp-admin page of your website and log in.  You will be at the Dashboard page.  On the left hand side of the page you will see Media.  Click on it.  All of the images (if you have any) that are available will be displayed.  At the top of the page next to the words Media Library is an Add New button.  Click on it.  A new box opens under it telling you to either drop the images here or click upload.  You can simply open your file manager, find the photo, click and hold the mouse key down and then drag it to this box or click on the upload button and find the file and click on it.  Your image is now ready to be used in your next post or page.

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