28 Jun

WordPress for RVers, Part 2

Word Press is an extremely powerful application. There are so many things that it can do by itself and it is also a program that has hundreds of programs that extend it capabilities. You can make a photo gallery, an eCommerce site, a book club, travel guide, interactive studio, just about anything you want can be done with WordPress.

This article is going to continue our administrator tour of WordPress. In the first article we logged in, wrote and published a post. I want to discuss the differences of post versus pages. When you write information or articles on WordPress, you have the option of selecting a post or a page. Post as you have seen are quick and easy. When you ‘post’ them they are displays chronologically and will continue to slide down the page as they get older and new post are added. Eventually, they will no longer be displayed and will be archived based on the date they were written. A page is permanent. When you create a page, it will be displayed on the site menu system and is always available. Pages are used for information that you want people to find easily. Perhaps things like the About You or your store or where you are page. You might even create pages for your photo album.

The next type of post you can have is a media post. Media allows you to post picture or videos on your website. This is actually an extension of either a post or a page. Basically, when you are creating a post you can insert into that post/page video or pictures. But before you can insert them you have to load them onto your website. That is where the media section of WordPress comes into play. When you select Media, WordPress shows you all of the images and video that it currently knows about. To load a new picture or video into WordPress you select Add New and WordPress will guide you through the process of finding, uploading and making minor changes to the image, then inserting into your article.

The last part for this week article will be others people writing on your blog. These are called comments. Comments are both good and bad. Friends and Family comments are good. Strangers comments can be really bad and worse that SPAM. For the most part I do not allow comments to be posted or approved automatically, saving them for review and approval. Some of my websites, I do not even allow any comments. Your site will be set up with not allowing comments to be posted automatically and I will guide you via newsetters or email on the management of these comments.

Well that is it for this week. Next week we will start on the Appearance of your website. Changing the look and feel so it is more to your desires.

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Please comment and let me know what you think of these articles and whether or not they are useful and if you understand or have questions about the topic.

Until next weekend, thanks.

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