24 Jun

WordPress for RVers, Part 1

Ok, you have probably heard of blogging, but just in case, blogging is writing about anything and putting it on the world wide web for people to read.  For those of us use to the old newspaper days, think of it as an editorial or guess writer column in the newspaper. The only real difference is you own the newspaper!  To start blogging you need to have a place to put the articles you write so people can read them.  This is called a blog and the blog is made up of post or articles that you and others write.

There are lots of software packages that you can use to create a blog.  Why do you need software?  Well, you have to have a website and the website has to be hosted on a server, which is a computer that is connected to the Internet full time.  Your website has to have a name and an address as well.  Think of it like your house.  A physical place with a physical address so people can find you.  A website is the Internet Place and the name is the Internet Address so people can find you. The software tells the computer what to do when someone comes to your website or Internet house.  WordPress is the software that is used my millions of people to create the house that displays the writings of those people.

So, we need a website, software, a server so people can find out about our writing.  Sounds really complicated, but that is why I am here. I will take care of all of that stuff for you.  Your job will be to tell me what you want. Don’t worry, I will guide you along as well.  Oh you are probably wondering what this software is going to cost you, nothing!  That is right, WordPress is free, which is one of the reasons I use it on all of my personal websites.

So with everything set up the next step is to start writing.  For this you will need to know a little bit about WordPress.  We are going to start with some basics.  You will need a username and password to get into the administration side of WordPress.  I should have sent you an email with that information.  You will type into your web browser the address of your blog and the location of the WordPress administration page.  It will look like www.yourblogname.com/wp-admin.  The website will ask for your username and password which you can get from the email.

Now you are ready to write your first article.  I did some cleaning up of WordPress when I installed it.  So all you have to do is determine if you want to use a Post or a Page.  The next article will talk about them in detail.  For now I think we will use a post.  On the left hand side of the screen you should see the word Posts with a little pin symbol next to it.  Click on the word Posts.  This page will show you all of the posts that have been made on your website.  Currently there are none.  At the top of the screen next to the word Posts is a button called Add New.  Click on it.

You are now at the Add New Post page.  This is where you will write your first post.  For a title enter, Welcome to my new blog. Now click in the big empty box, this is were you type in the body of your post.  Introduce yourself and let people know what you are doing.  When you are all done, on the right hand side of the screen is a button call Publish.  Click it and your first post is on your website.

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Next in the series will be the Admin Menu and setting up categories for your articles so people can quickly find posts that are of interest to them.

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